The International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) is an association of some 200 railway undertakings and shipping companies which provide international passenger and/or freight services. 130 organisations are members in their own right, 80 organisations are linked indirectly by being members of CIT associate members. The CIT is an association under Swiss law (Article 60 et seq. ZGB [Swiss Code of Civil Law]) and is based in Bern.

Conference of Freight Claims Departments

Conference of Freight Claims Departments [PDF]

Bern, 28 May 2014

It gives us great pleasure to be able to invite you to the Freight Claims Depart­ments’ Conference 2014. The confer­ence will be held on Wednesday 28 May 2014 in the CIT office in Bern. The confer­ence is designed for members of the CIT, and in particular for their staff from claims departments, commercial depart­ments and legal departments. As usually, the conference will make a contribution to CIT members’ continuous professional development programmes and to the development of CIT freight documenta­tion.


Expanding Trade Tracks : Boosting Economy in a Dynamic Region

Expanding Trade Tracks : Boosting Economy in a Dynamic Region [PDF]

Riyadh, 5 & 6 May 2014

The 2014 edition themed “Expanding Trade Tracks : Boosting Economy in a Dynamic Region” talks about Saudi Arabia being undoubtedly a leader in the Middle East Region with regards to booming investments in the infrastructure sector which amounts to a whopping $45 billion. The Kingdom also has some of the most promising railway projects lined up which includes the first high speed rail network. The North South Railway Line which is the first active freight line is almost in its completion stages and will be operational by mid 2014. Many other projects like the Jeddah Metro, Makkah Madina Rail Project and others are in the pipeline.

The 2014 edition of the Middle East Rail Opportunities comes back to Riyadh discussing the operational challenges in the railways as well as talking about the trade links taking place across the GCC regions. It also aims to answer questions from the regulators of the railway and government authorities and the role of the GCC regulatory body discussing the regulatory system. In building the world class railway network, the Kingdom is also implementing smart communication systems coupled with intelligent transport systems for the railways.


Global Rail Freight Conference

Vienna, 23-25 June 2014

The 4th UIC Global Rail Freight Conference will take place in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna is a meeting point of Western and Eastern Europe, a vital, thriving city that is a blend of different cultural influences. Both traditional and thoroughly modern, it has a unique atmosphere and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


CIT-Info 1/2014

CIT-Info 1/2014 [PDF]

  • EU Conference "Logistics in 2030"
  • European Parliament vote on the revision of the Air PRR
  • Questions on the interpretation of the Rail PRR
  • The CIT's suggestions for the revision of COTIF in 2014
  • Railway undertakings' influence on the conditions of use of infrastructure
  • Law in practice
  • CIT Itself

Common CIM/SMGS Consignement Note for Euro-Asian Rail Freight Shipments

Common CIM/SMGS Consignement Note for Euro-Asian Rail Freight Shipments [PDF]

Languages: EN/RU/CN

Edition 1 July 2013