The International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) is an association of some 216 railway undertakings and shipping companies which provide international passenger and/or freight services. 136 organisations are members in their own right, 80 organisations are linked indirectly by being members of CIT associate members. The CIT is an association under Swiss law (Article 60 et seq. ZGB [Swiss Code of Civil Law]) and is based in Bern.

Passenger Claims Conference, 2016-09-29

Passenger Claims Conference, 2016-09-29 [PDF]

Berne, 29 September 2016

The CIT and UIC have great pleasure in inviting the staff of claims, sales and legal departments of their members to the Passenger Claims Departments’ Conference to be held in Bern on Thursday, 29 September 2016.


CIT-Info 2/2016

CIT-Info 2/2016 [PDF]

  • COTIF accession workshop in Baku
  • Taking stock of this year’s meeting of the CIV Committee
  • Work currently being carried out by the CIV/SMPS Working Group
  • Transfer of personal data to non-EU countries in international passenger traffic
  • 21st meeting of the CIM Working Group
  • Conference of Freight Claims Departments 2016
  • The CUI Committee bids farewell to its acting Chair
  • Loss of hand luggage – when is the carrier responsible under the CIV UR?
  • Completing the formal report (CIT20)

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2015 [PDF]

As the centre of competence for international rail transport law, the CIT always supports its members. It focuses its attention on wherever the future potential lies.

A conspicuous trend of international transport is digitisation. The CIT is creating the foundations to raise the profile of electronic tools: electronic consignment notes and wagon notes increase efficiency. Interactive maps give CIT members clear information on the scope of the different legal regimes in rail and multimodal transport. The new CIT Manual for International Rail Tickets (MIRT) focuses on new developments in ticketing.


CER/CIT/EIM/UIC press release

CER/CIT/EIM/UIC press release [PDF]

CER/CIT/EIM/UIC press release: Railway sector joins forces to deploy digital technology



Manual for Cooperation Contracts in international Passenger Traffic by Rail (MCOOP)

The MCOOP contains a boilerplate contract and general terms and conditions (GTC) as well as commentaries to these legal instruments which cover the most important legal issues arising from international cooperation of railway undertakings to provide carriage of passengers. It should contribute to legal certainty for international passenger traffic by rail, establish a single set of principles and permit coordinated and efficient management of contracts. The MCOOP is intended foremost for railway lawyers and specialists dealing with organisation and setting up the legal rules for cooperation between railway undertakings.

The MCOOP is now available in the three CIT languages English, French and German on the CIT website under the heading “ Passenger traffic > CIT documentation ” (member-restricted area).

Applicable with effect from 1 March 2016



Manual for International Rail Tickets (MIRT)

The MIRT provides CIT members with an introduction and the necessary standards to issuing international tickets. It is primarily addressed to the staff of railway undertakings who have to deal with the law of carriage, with the issuing of international tickets, with checking those tickets and with customer service.

The MIRT is now available in the three CIT languages English, French and German on the CIT website under the heading “ Passenger traffic > CIT documentation ” (member-restricted area).

Applicable with effect from 13 December 2015