The International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) is an association of some 216 railway undertakings and shipping companies which provide international passenger and/or freight services. 130 organisations are members in their own right, 80 organisations are linked indirectly by being members of CIT associate members. The CIT is an association under Swiss law (Article 60 et seq. ZGB [Swiss Code of Civil Law]) and is based in Bern.

CIT-Info 3/2019

CIT-Info 3/2019 [PDF]

2    News from the CIT Workshop in Klaipeda with LG
3    20 years of COTIF. Quo vadis?
5    Changes ahead for the CIV Committee
6    CIT/UIC Conference of Passenger Claims Departments
7    The CIT’s CIM working group bids farewell to Peter Schuld on his retirement
8    Latest news from the CIT/OSShD project «Legal Interoperability CIM/SMGS»
9    Court decision on infrastructure use
10    Freight consignments without transport documents?


CIT Multimodality Seminar Venice

CIT Multimodality Seminar Venice [ZIP]

CIT Multimodality Seminar
with the kind support of TRENITALIA S.p.A and ATTICA GROUP
29 & 30 October 2019
Venice / Italia


CIT-Info 2/2019

CIT-Info 2/2019 [PDF]

  • RailFreight Summit 2019
  • Digitalisation of transort documents in rail-Achievements and Challenges
  • News from the CIV/SMPS Working Group
  • The CIV Working Group visits Slovakia
  • CIT conference on digital processing of aftersales issues: “Rethinking the world”?
  • The 27th CUI Committee confirms that Adriaan Hagdorn will be its chairman for another term of office
  • Can a contract of use of vehicles be concluded free of charge?
  • CIT Itself

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018 [PDF]

We are very pleased to present you the CIT’s Annual Report 2018.

The Annual Report 2018 gives you an overview on our work.


Reissue of CIT products in electronic form

Thanks to the reissue of CIT products in electronic and certified form, the presentation of documents has been modernised, making them much more user-friendly.

All CIT documentation has now been reissued.

Now interactive forms for the freight documentation are also certified. They can be downloaded, completed, transmitted and used in pdf format.


Guideline CMR-CIM-SMGS

Guideline CMR-CIM-SMGS [PDF]

Date April 2017

The CIT and IRU developed a Guideline on the CMR-CIM-SMGS liability regimes. The aim is to publish a comparison between international rail (COTIF/CIM and SMGS) and international road transport law (CMR).

The particular added value of this comparison of legal regimes is that it includes, for the first time, both the CIM and the SMGS provisions, and the comparison extends in geographical terms beyond the scope of COTIF/CIM to that of the SMGS.